Frequently asked Questions

The release date: 2021-12-25
Read the number: 403


Q1, I am worry about the risk of transactions, How can I avoid it?

We also have an online store in Alibaba, here is the link: https://chinabaokong.en.alibaba.com/

With the platform's guarantee, you should be able to rest assured.

Q2, Are the goods brand new?

We never sell refurbished goods. All of our goods are brand new, with factory sealed.

Q3, What is the delivery time?

The delivery time is 2-5 days.

Q4, How about the Shipping Methods?

DHL/UPS/TNT/Fedex and other air shipments and sea shipments are all workable. You can choose what you want.

Q5, What are your terms of payment?

T/T、Western Union and Paypal, Alipay, Wepay.


Q6, How many inventories do you have?

We hold on more than two thousand models in stock.

Q7, how many warehouses do you have ?

A2: We have six modern warehouses.





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